Eastern shore of Virginia Resource Conservation and Developement Council
Eastern Shore of Virginia Resource Conservation And Development Council

   ESRCD History

In the early 1930s, along with the greatest depression this nation ever experienced, came an equally unparalleled ecological disaster known as the Dust Bowl. In 1937, President Roosevelt wrote the governors of all the states recommending legislation that would allow local landowners to form soil conservation districts. As a response, Congress unanimously passed legislation declaring soil and water conservation a national policy and priority. Today, the country is blanketed with nearly 3,000 conservation districts.

When further degradation of environmental resources began rising to the nation’s consciousness in the 1960s, the Federal government mandated the creation of another nationwide system to work at the local community level, hence the nationwide network of Resource Conservation and Development Councils (RC&Ds) were born.

Since then, with the local Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) as one of our main sponsors, the Eastern Shore RC&D has specialized in facilitating research, outreach and education to all levels of the community fostering deep collaborative partnerships with local governments, planning districts, research facilities, educational institutions, health care facilities, non-profits, and citizen groups on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

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